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          Extracting information from motion-triggered pictures (or any picture!) is a tedious, time consuming and error prone task.

          I am offering a simple software solution allowing you to:

          • Display your images within Ms Access (other environments are possible),
          • Automatically extract embedded information such as the picture date, time, or for Reconyx Cameras the temperature, moon phase, camera serial number etc.
          • Have drop-downs menus with predefined field values, such as the list of common species or possible weather conditions, and assign default values per camera.
          • Automatically assign a camera to a picture, and a study area to a camera, based on the date, time and serial number retrieved from the image.
          • Perform file manipulation for you. The software loads an image and moves it to a “processed” or “to delete” folder.
          Please see the examples section for larger images

          Who uses this software?

          It is primarily designed for wildlife scientists that must monitor or analyze a site or species behavior.

          Current customers include provincial government, conservation association and university researchers.

          Hunters can use it to monitor wildlife population at their preferred sites.

          Companies or individual could also use it to monitor activities on their properties!